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What is CryptOasis?

CryptOasis is a staking pool for Cardano's ADA coin. It is based on Cardano's Ouroboros, the first Proof of Stake (PoS) protocol mathematically proven to be secure. Holders of ADA coin can delegate their minting obligations to CryptOasis, and will earn regular rewards in return.


Who we are

CryptOasis is backed by an experienced team of highly skilled engineers, with over 20 years of experience in designing and implementing scalable, flexible, and robust computer systems.


CryptOasis Advantages

CryptOasis provides a secure, reliable, powerful 24/7 service, ready to collect your minting rewards for you at all times, so you can focus on the more important things in life. These regular rewards provide a passive income to all stakeholders staking with CryptOasis.

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A staking pool is a core node in Cardano's peer-to-peer payment network. It generates blocks for Cardano's blockchain on behalf of the stakeholders in the staking pool, thus earning regular rewards for the stakeholders.

Stakeholders of Cardano's ADA coin are randomly selected to generate blocks for Cardano's blockchain. When a stakeholder is selected, they must be online and connected to the Cardano network in order to generate a valid block, and to earn minting rewards in return.

This is done to maintain the protocol in a decentralised fashion. However, the probability of a stakeholder being selected is proportional to the size of their stake. This means that the more ADA coins a stakeholder has, the more likely they are to be selected. As a reference, a stakeholder who owns 20,000.00 ADA is selected approximately once per year to generate a block, and earn a reward. Stakeholders can gather their ADA coins in staking pools, thus increasing the stake of the staking pool, and increasing their probability of being selected. When a stakeholder in a staking pool is selected, the staking pool will also complete the block creation obligations on behalf of the stakeholder. This results in frequent rewards for all stakeholders, even when they are offline. CryptOasis is one of these staking pools, operating at all times, so you will never miss any rewards.

CryptOasis provides a high availability core node for stakeholders who cannot be online 24/7, and want to earn minting rewards propotional to their delegated stake.

No. Joining a staking pool is not required, but it is highly recommended if you do not run a full node 24/7. Joining a staking pool also helps secure the Cardano blockchain, while earning you frequent rewards.

If you cannot be connected to the Cardano network at all times, and wish to earn frequent minting rewards, then yes.

Joining the largest staking pools is not recommended. This could lead to unevenly distributed staking pools, where a few number of large pools dominate the block generation in the network, which can drastically affect Cardano network's stability and security.

No. You should never, ever send ADA to any staking pool.
To earn rewards, you only need to delegate all, or some of your stake to your selected staking pools by using your Daedalus Wallet.

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